twinsarein (twinsarein) wrote in pegasus_gate,

SGA rimming master list

I have created a master list of fics (and one piece of art) in the SGA fandom that contain rimming.  It got so long that it is broken up into two parts.  If anyone is interested, you can find the A-L links here, and the M-Z links here.

I'm quite aware there are still others out there, so if you have a story or art that fits the theme or know of one that isn't on the list, please feel free to comment or PM me with the link.  I'll be very happy to add more to the lists.

Just a note of caution.  I know this is a slash comm, so I just wanted to remind everyone to pay attention to the pairing listed for each one.   Some of the stories are OT4 fics with Teyla (although there is slash action going on in those), and one story that is completely het (with Dr. Biro and John).  Other that that, it's all slash.
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