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Gwerinos Base. Star trek/LotRs/Stargate/Torchwood RPG. Strictly Adult.

Really want a Sheppard and a Rodney and a Carson for this RPG. Anyone interested. Great fun. It's new so there is no back story to wade through.

Name: Gwerinos Base

Rating: Adult, Anything Goes.

Description: Gwerinos Base is situated on a backwater planet with a primitive population. The mission of the base is twofold. Scientific observation of the primitives and the protection of the planet. It is strategically placed and several factions want bases on this planet. All advanced tech must be hidden from the populace who think the base is a place of magic, especially as the base is protected by a camouflage field and the Wizards who live there 'vanish' into their magic home. Near the base is the Stargate.

Positions Available: Every position is available bar the base Commander. Humans, aliens, elves, hobbits, vampires, werewolves, dwarves, wizards, tech support, scientists, just about anyone you can think of is needed. Original characters or characters based on the shows acceptable. No limit on the characters you can play. However posting is required every 24 hours (with exceptions via Moderators acceptance.)

Sim Info: Star Trek/Lord of the Rings/Torchwood based PBEM RPG Knowledge of only one of these is needed to play. Good if two, Great if three.

Operational Date: Waiting for crew.

Join: mark post as Gwerinos Base.

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