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Fic: Stargate Atlantis “2300” (Sheppard/Dex) – NC-17

Fic: Stargate Atlantis “2300” (Sheppard/Dex) – NC-17

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Title: 2300

Author: Wings

Pairing: John Sheppard & Ronon Dex (Shex)

Rating:  NC-17

Word Count: 4,934

Disclaimer: Please don’t take this too seriously, don’t sue, I don’t own these characters and no money is being made from this work of total fiction.

Summary: The hand on the back of his neck and the order whispered warmly against his ear sent shivers of heat down John’s spine but he never even considered disobeying...

Author’s Note: Thanks to:rhia_starsong for her beta, to auscaz for her enthusiastic feedback and to everyone who expressed a KEEN desire to read this. So here it is, by popular demand and filled with sexy super-hot maleness – the sequel to “Specialist”.  

Read "2300" here

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